Best Earphones Under 1500 in India 2021

  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase
  • boAt Rockerz 295v2 pumps out your favourite tunes with powerful immersive sound
  • via its 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Powered by Qualcomm cVc in-call noise isolation,
  • the wireless neckband offers an uninterrupted hands-free experience
  • Connect to your media devices instantly, take
  • the advantage of dual pairing and enjoy real-time audio with Bluetooth v5.0

Best Earphones under 1500 in India 2021

Who does not like to listen to songs? In today’s generation, there will be very few who would not like to listen to the song. Best Earphones Under 1500 in India 2021 Now if you like to listen to songs, then you need an earphone or headphone.
If you are also looking for a good Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500, then today you are in the right place during this article, you will be told about 10 great Bluetooth Earphones at a very low price.

Best Earbuds Under 1500 January (2021)

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Top 3 Things to keep in mind while buying true wireless Earphone or Earbuds

Wireless earphones have indeed stopped. Many brands offer them less than 1500 rupees, it seems that many people will take the cord off for good. Best Earphones Under 1500 in India 2021 Having said this, it is imperative that one considers drifting away from the low price point and takes into account a few things before taking a pair of the right wireless earphones. Here we are going to tell you 5 things that you need to consider.

What Do You Want?

The first step in choosing the right earphones is knowing what you want with your earphones.
This will help you decide when there are so many options to choose from. Is sound the most important aspect for you or are you more of a visual person?
It may be important for you to have a lot of bass while listening to music, or you may need earphones that can play high notes without the tinny sound.

1. Earphone Specifications:

Intelligent consumers know that looks, price and even brand don’t always measure to their quality. So how do you know if the product is good? Because you can’t try out earphone before purchase, the best thing you can do is to check the specs of the product in its packaging. If you’re shopping online, then be sure that you look into its product details carefully. Best Earphones Under 1500 in India 2021 Here are technical specs you have to check when choosing earphones:
• Impedance – refers to the measure of opposition a circuit provides to a current when a voltage is applied. Basically, the higher the impedance of a device, the less current will flow. the best sound quality – one must match the impedance of the source to the impedance of the earbuds.

Sensitivity & Frequency Response – The sensitivity specs show how electric signals are changed into acoustic signals. this refers to the range of audio frequencies the earbuds can repeat. Knowing the frequency response of a headphone can help you choose the right device if you wish to listen to a particular type of music It is often measured in sound pressure level (SPL). For safe music listening, you must pick earbuds with a mid-range level of sensitivity. Anything above the limit can be dangerous to your earphones

Drivers – turn electrical signals to sound pressure. They are responsible for creating the sound within your device. So, the stronger/larger the driver, the better the overall sound will be on your earbuds.

2. Type and Specialization:

You should be clear about the type of Earphones you’re planning on buying. There are three major types.
• In-Ears
• On-Ears
• Over-Ears

3. Perfect Fit

Not all earphones can fit our ears properly. Factors such as the size of your ear and the design of earphones can affect comfort. Thus, finding good earphones that fit your ear snugly and securely can cause bad earphones to hurt your ear shortly after use, especially for those with sensitive outer ears.


• Stereo sound
• Booming bass
• Long battery life
• Voice Assistant and IPX4 Sweat Proof
• 1 Year Warranty


BoAt Collar is a good earphone brand, this earphone has also given a lot of trust to the Indian people.
BoAt acts as a deterrent to sweat-proof and splash ratings of ipx4
Its Bluetooth connection works up to 32 feet, its sound score is also much better, in this you get long life batteries that last more than 10h on a single charge

  •  Lightweight Design
  • sweat-proof and splash resistant IPX4 rating
  •  Call clarity
  •  Bluetooth connection 30 feet range
  •  10-hour play time
  • The built of the product is not great.

The meaning of an earphone specifications is then the best way for you to evaluate headphones is to listen to them.
Listen to some acoustic guitar or piano music – you will not easily hear the difference between good and so good. But two headphones that sound very different will have similar specs




Model Name

Product Dimensions


Item model number

Special Features

Mounting Hardware

Number Of Items

Microphone Form Factor

Headphones Form Factor

Batteries Included

Batteries Required

Battery Cell Composition

Connector Type


Includes Rechargable Battery

Country of Origin

Item Weight


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