Best Dosa Tawa India 2021

  • Crispy Dosas and Uthappams Rich With Iron Content
  • The Bhagya Cast Iron Dosa tawa is Pre-Seasoned Naturally with Gingely oil , No Chemicals Used
  • Though Pre-Seasoned we recommend you season it once again before your first use.
  • Seasoning and Maintenance instructions are clearly detailed in Instruction Manual
  • Cook on Gas, Electric and Induction Stoves
  • Comes with a one year Warranty
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Best Dosa tawa India 2021

Cast iron was the broadly used utensil material many years in the past. Best Dosa Tawa India 2021 this material due to its heavy weight was fast replaced by light weight non-stick vessels. With increase in health-related issues on non-stick coated vessels, cast iron cookware has picked up sales worldwide recently.

Cast iron has its own advantages. Dosa tawa Unlike non-stick cookware cast iron utensils are chemical free. With even heat distribution making any food item is convenient in a cast iron vessel.

Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa 2021

If you want to have traditional crispy tasty Dosa Tawa then cooking it in a traditional cast iron tawa is very important. With taste these vessels also add essential nutrients to the food. This is done by Dosa tawa adding iron to the food. Iron is an essential nutrient for our body that generates red blood cells in blood.

Due to present demand cast iron vessels of various sizes and shapes are available at amazon. This cookware being traditional has its many other properties that suits our modern requirements. The cast iron Tawas are thick in size.

It is due to this thickness heat gets evenly distributed and makes cooking faster and easier. These dosa Tawas have a natural shining layer.

This makes them non-stick in nature. Easy to wash and clean since they are naturally non-stick saves your time.

With these many advantages cast iron vessels are still budget friendly.

  • Preferred Dosa tawa manufacturer

Different manufacturers are available in Dosa Tawas but the Bhagya Cast Iron cookware brand is the best for its kitchen friendly utensils. Special attention is given to the weight of the tawa without compromising its size.

They are lighter than tawas of other brand in same size. Not too heavy the tawa is easy to manage and handle.

The Bhagya Cast Iron Dosa Tawa comes with a thin coating on the top. This coat is naturally done with oil.

No chemicals are used in the process thus they are safe. This coating keeps the tawa rust free and non-stick in nature. Best Dosa Tawa India 2021 It stays on the tawa for a long time but gets removed after few years.

Then the tawas are needed to be re-coated. This can be done at home by anyone watching a video available at their website.

The brand is more than 35 years old and based in South India.

 Features of dosa tawa

12inch dosa tawa pan which is sufficient for a good size dosa or uthappam. With a flat base they are very stable while cooking. With a weight of 2 kilograms, they are not too heavy as compared to other tawas.

They can be used for cooking on gas, oven or electric induction. With a one side handle it can be held comfortably. The casting on the tawa is done with sesame oil also known as gingelly oil.

The product comes with a manual. Before your first use read the manual. In the manual rules before your first use and after use are given. The manual also has their website link.

The cost of the tawa on amazon is Rs.1249 after discount with free delivery.

With all these features the brand is consistently the best sellers in cast iron utensils.

Health benefits

  • Less oil consumption

For a health-conscious person, the most important thing is his everyday consumption of oil. The cast iron tawa which is a natural non-stick pan cooks food in less oil. This tawa is also good for baking purposes. So, one can enjoy food without much thinking about calories.

  • Iron content in diet

In today’s diet the most challenging is to maintain natural vitamins and minerals in our daily food intake. Cast iron cookware adds a small of iron in the food cooked. This helps in maintaining your blood count keeping you string and healthy.

  • Non-toxic chemical free

With more vehicles on roads and industries around air we breathe is more polluted every day. In this the most we can do is by keeping our food free of any chemicals. With organic food,

masalas even the vessel to be cooked should be chemical free. And none other than cast iron utensils are the best choice for food cooking.


Cast iron tawa is the most common tawa used in South Indian Kitchens. Add this secret tawa cookware for your kitchens to enjoy the taste of crispy South style dosa and uttapams. With that unique taste and odour you will never regret to buy one for yourself.



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