Gold Price Today: Gold Price Declines Today, So Far Rs 10,000, Cheap, See New Price

Gold and silver prices in the Indian market continue to fall. On Friday, there was a tremendous fall in gold prices, this is the sixth consecutive day when the gold price decreased. On MCX, gold futures slipped 0.2% to Rs. 46145 per 10 grams, the lowest level in 8 months. is. While silver futures fell 1% to Rs 68,479 per kg. In August 2020, gold reached a record level of Rs 56,200. Since then, gold has become cheaper by around Rs 10,000.

Gold prices: Gold prices reached Rs 46145 per 10 grams in Delhi Sarafa market on Friday.

Which is the lowest level of 8 months. On Thursday, the April futures of gold on MCX had fallen by over Rs 100 to close at Rs 46126 per 10 grams. In global markets, the price of gold fell nearly 0.4% to $ 1,769.03 an ounce.

New silver prices: Silver prices also recorded a slight decrease on Friday. In the bullion market today, silver came down to Rs 68,479 per kg. Silver declined 1.1% to $ 26.71 an ounce in global markets. Among other precious metals, platinum slipped 2.4% to $ 1,244.19, while palladium jumped 0.7% to $ 2,334.58.

Experts’ opinion
Experts believe that if you want to buy gold and silver, this may be the right time. Gold prices have also slipped below Rs 46,000 per 10 grams. Gold price on MCX has come to the level of May 2020. On the MCX, silver is expected to remain above the 68500-68000 level. According to experts, there is a possibility of a surge in silver, which can go up to the level of 70000.

This year, gold has become cheaper by 10 thousand rupees in the last few months. In the Corona crisis, it reached the level of 55 thousand rupees. Experts say that gold prices have continued to decline since the onset of Corona vaccination. Economic activity is expected to pick up speed after vaccination.

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